Sergeant Jeffrey B. Dodge

There is a very important Mission underway at the University of Dubuque. Kathy and I are privileged to ask that you join us and the University of Dubuque in honoring Sergeant Jeffrey B. Dodge C'68, our classmate, my fraternity brother and friend, by naming the Veterans Center, located on the UD campus, in Jeff's memory. 

The Veterans Center has been created to invest in the lives of students at the University who are veterans of the military. The center is committed to providing student veterans a seamless transition from military life to civilian college life. A college campus is an unfamiliar place to many student veterans, and reaching their full potential can only be realized with care, support, and access to education. It is on the college campus at the University of Dubuque where we, like so many others, discovered our gifts and talents that helped us shape our careers and our lives. The University is committed to offering that same opportunity for students with military service. 

Sergeant Dodge was killed on April 25, 1970, just days before he was due to leave Vietnam and return home to marry his fiancee and begin a new life. As one of the fortunate Vietnam combat veterans who came home alive, I reflect upon my life since graduating from UD and realize that Jeff never experienced the challenges of a career, the joy of raising a family, the satisfactions of a long marriage or the wonder of grandchildren. The rest of us have crossed the arc of our lives and grown older, but Jeff was left behind, forever frozen in his youth and etched in our memories. 

Kathy and I have made a financial pledge to the University to honor Jeff's life through the good work the Veterans Center is doing to change students' lives on the campus of the University. We are asking for your generous support by joining us and the University of Dubuque in this extraordinary effort. 

The dedication of the Sergeant Jeffrey B. Dodge Veterans Center will be held during the University of Dubuque's Homecoming celebration. Please join us for this special occasion.

Jeff's brother Pete, his wife Stephanie, and the entire Dodge family are grateful and enthusiastic about the proposed memorial. Jeff's siblings and their extended families plan to attend the dedication.

With Spartan Pride,

A member of the Class of 1968, Jeffrey Dodge was an active and engaged student while attending the University of Dubuque. A math major, Jeff participated in a wide variety of activities including D-Club, House Council, and Primary Court. He was also a member of the Thirteeners Fraternity and a founding member of Alpha Phi Omega. Jeff was an avid tennis player, and served as team captain three out of four years he wore his Spartan uniform.

Jeff traded in his Spartan uniform for a US Army uniform shortly after graduation from the University of Dubuque, and completed his basic training in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. In April, 1969, Sergeant Dodge was sent to Lai Khe in Vietnam. A dedicated soldier, and believer in the war effort, Sergeant Dodge served as a combat engineer, helping build bridges and construct power lines.

Rather than take his 30-day furlough and return to finish his tour of duty, Sergeant Dodge chose to extend his stay in Vietnam. He had shipped his gear home in anticipation of a reunion with family, friends and his fiancee. A wedding celebration was to take place shortly after he returned home. Sadly, Jeff's bags made it home but he did not.

Sergeant Jeffrey B. Dodge was scheduled to return home on Monday, April 27, 1970, and was killed in a rocket attack on Saturday, April 25, 1970.