Nomination Information

This information is for students who were not nominated by their schools and teachers.

UD for Kids is a program for Talented and Gifted students. Identification for students eligible for this program can be through teacher recommendation or completing the application below with current test scores. Most schools nominate students for UD for Kids based on teacher recommendation. If your school does not make teacher recommendations, families may also apply to UD for Kids using an application and providing current test scores.

Talented and Gifted children possess outstanding abilities who are capable of high performance. You can start this process by contacting your child's teacher to see if they would recommend your child for UD for Kids. After talking with your child's teacher complete this application and mail your child's most recent copy of their Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), Iowa Testing Program (ITP) test scores, or other state test results.

You can mail test scores to the address below, or send them electronically to

Peggy Driscoll, UD for Kids Director
University of Dubuque
307 Smith Hall
2000 University Ave.
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

If you have any questions, contact Peggy Driscoll at

UD for Kids - No Date (4408x1844)


  *Reminder, you must submit your child's test scores to the above mailing address.