McGovern Joins USA Wrestling Staff for Master’s World Championships

Sep 19, 2018



DUBUQUE, Iowa – The University of Dubuque’s head wrestling coach, Jon McGovern, will be joining the USA Wrestling Team as a coach in freestyle for the 2018 Master’s World Championships in Skopje, Macedonia from Sept. 28-30, 2018.

McGovern will join Chris Brown who is the team leader/coach in both freestyle and Greco-Roman, who for the first time in nine years will not be competing. Brown is a two-time World Masters Champion in Greco-Roman and retired from competition last year. 

“I would like to thank Chris and the leaders at USA Wrestling for the great job they are doing organizing the USA team,” stated McGovern. “USA Freestyle wrestling recently won the World Cup and the World Championships at the senior level and USA wrestling leaders Rich Bender, Cody Binkley, and Chris Moen are working behind the scenes to prepare the US Team for the world championships. The competition at this year's Master's World Championships will be very competitive with many former world medalists competing from the USA, Russia, Turkey, and Iran. Anytime it's a World Championship event in wrestling, you know you’re going to see some great competitors getting after it.”

Last spring, the Spartans staff had the chance to coach UD wrestling alumni at the Master's USA Nationals in April. Former NCAA Division III National Champion, Josh Terrell, competed and won his weight class at the USA Masters Nationals. Terrell was getting ready to compete in the World Championships, but a family move and a new addition to his family will keep him away in 2018. UD had eight UD wrestling alumni compete in either the senior or master’s level at the USA Open in Las Vegas, Nev.

“I always like to see our UD Spartans staying involved in wrestling upon graduation, whether as a competitor or a coach,” added McGovern. “Better never stops. I’m looking forward to coaching experienced athletes who still have the passion, discipline, and work ethic to compete in this level of world class wrestling at the 2018 United World Wrestling Veterans World Championships and bring that knowledge and enthusiasm back to our current-student athletes.”

The duration of the bouts will be two periods of two minutes with a 30 second break and medals (gold, silver and two bronze) will be presented to the first, second, and two third wrestlers in each weight category.


USA Wrestling staff:

Chris Brown – Team Leader and United Wrestling World Freestyle/Greco-Roman Coach 

Jon McGovern – Freestyle Coach

Marc McNicholl – Official Greco-Roman

Jim Woolnough – Official Freestyle


Individual wrestlers expected to compete include:

Division A – 35-40 years

Division B – 41-45 years

Division C – 46-50 years

Division D – 51-55 years

Division E – 56-60 years


Jeffery Anderson          D        88 KG        FS/GR

Jason Cappiello           B         70 KG        FS

Greg Conn                  B         130 KG      FS

Tom Donahue              B         70 KG        FS

Ben Fielding                C        70 KG        FS

Jeff Henry                   E         88 KG        FS

Stephen Horton            D        70 KG        FS/GR

Jordin Humphrey          A         70 KG        FS

Rudy James                B         78 KG        FS/GR

Karl Junitz                  A         100 KG      FS

Kevin Kares                 E         88 KG        FS

Borys Kulich                D        78 KG        FS

Victor Ledon                B         100 KG      FS

Daniel Lovell                B         100 KG      FS

James Medeiros          A         88 KG        FS/GR

Louis Orr                     D        78 KG        FS

Petros Petrosyan         D        88 KG        FS

Kevin Pine                   D        88 KG        FS

Joe Raia                     D        62 KG        FS

Keith Stagg                 E         70 KG        FS

Roger Stewart             A         62 KG        FS/GR

Constantin Tintea         E         88 KG        GR

Alsandro Turner           B         88 KG        FS

Milton Yates                A         78 KG        GR