American Rivers Conference Singles and Doubles Tournament

Oct 13, 2018


2018 Women's Tennis Individual Championship Tournament Page

ANKENY, Iowa - The Spartans doubles team of Naomi Amani/Madeline Parker would finish fourth in B doubles competition at the 2018 American Rivers Conference singles and doubles tournament. After day one competition at the 2018 American Rivers Conference women's tennis individual tournament was moved indoors due to inclement weather, the gold-silver-bronze medals were earned in five flights on the outdoor courts at Prairie Ridge Sports Complex in Ankeny, Iowa.

A-Doubles -- 8-game pros | 7-7 t

1 Kelsey Kruse/Devon Bourget (Luther) def. Jordyn Fossell/Madi Hinshaw (Nebraska Wesleyan) 8-3
1 Karleigh Schilling/Jenna Stewart (Central) def. Nina Marquardt/Victoria Montoya (Coe) 8-3
1 Lauren O'Brian/Rachel Zittergruen (Wartburg) def. Kelly Kuebler/Sierra Griffith (Simpson) 8-4
1 Audrey Hinz/Noely Bauman (Loras) def. A. Palacios-Quinonez/Megan Ranney (Dubuque) 8-3

1 Kayla Reusche/Emily King (Simpson) def. Ella White/Lakyn Boltz (Coe) 8-6
qf Lauren French/Isabella Hoppenjans (Coe) def. Kelsey Kruse/Devon Bourget (Luther) 8-5
qf Karleigh Schilling/Jenna Stewart (Central) def. Lauren O'Brian/Rachel Zittergruen (Wartburg) 8-6
qf Hannah Fox/Ashley Rottinghaus (Wartburg) def. Audrey Hinz/Noely Bauman (Loras) 8-3
qf Britta Pressler/Shelby Cook (Luther) def. Kayla Reusche/Emily King (Simpson) 8-7 (7-4)
sf Lauren French/Isabella Hoppenjans (Coe) def. Karleigh Schilling/Jenna Stewart (Central) 8-3
sf Britta Pressler/Shelby Cook (Luther) def. Hannah Fox/Ashley Rottinghaus (Wartburg) 8-2
c Lauren French/Isabella Hoppenjans (Coe) def. Britta Pressler/Shelby Cook (Luther) 8-4
3rd Hannah Fox/Ashley Rottinghaus (Wartburg) def. Karleigh Schilling/Jenna Stewart (Central) 8-3

B-Doubles -- 8-game pros | 7-7 t
1 Cassidy Bos/Kirsten Jordan (Central) def. Lorin Miller/Danielle Bates (Simpson) 8-0
1 Hope Gray/Thuan Tran (Luther) def. Patient Jabbah/Kyra Jernigan (Dubuque) 8-0
1 Naomi Amani/Madeline Parker (Dubuque) def. Han Le/Megan Peklo (Nebraska Wesleyan), by default
1 Emma Cooke/McKenna Craff (Loras) def. Ambriel Jacobs/Amber Laube (Wartburg) 8-6
1 Madison Overmann/Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Grace Forde/Alivia Gerstein (Central) 8-0
1 Sarah Schirm/Katie Larson (Central) def. Cory Eull/Megan Grimm (Luther) 8-2
1 Maddie Smith/Franny Roche (Loras) def. Megan Grubb/Sarah Barry (Simpson) 8-1
1  Meghann Long/Mariana Bayona Paez (Loras) def. Madi Ulrich/Macy Scharff (Central) 8-1
2  Alex Petersen/Sydney Powers (Wartburg) def. Cora Shefchik/Erin Richards (Loras) 8-0

2 Cassidy Bos/Kirsten Jordan (Central) def. Hope Gray/Thuan Tran (Luther) 8-7 (7-5)
2 Naomi Amani/Madeline Parker (Dubuque) def. Laurynn Mize/Maddie Hartley (Central) 8-7 (7-5)
2 Emma Cooke/McKenna Craff (Loras) def. Emma Hartz/Madison Gierstorf (Buena Vista) 8-1
2 Madison Overmann/Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Sarah Schirm/Katie Larson (Central) 8-2
2 Stephanie Bush/Sophia Craig (Coe) def. Maddie Smith/Franny Roche (Loras) 8-4
2 Meghann Long/Mariana Bayona Paez (Loras) def. Nicole Popp/Jenn Dankenbring (Wartburg) 8-1
2 Ellie Hemker/Anna Spencer (Luther) def. Kaysey Bos/Sarah Behrens (Central) 8-6
qf Alex Petersen/Sydney Powers (Wartburg) def. Cassidy Bos/Kirsten Jordan (Central) 8-0
qf Naomi Amani/Madeline Parker (Dubuque) def. Emma Cooke/McKenna Craff (Loras) 8-4
qf Madison Overmann/Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Stephanie Bush/Sophia Craig (Coe) 8-3
qf Ellie Hemker/Anna Spencer (Luther) def. Meghann Long/Mariana Bayona Paez (Loras) 8-7 (7-5)
sf Naomi Amani/Madeline Parker (Dubuque) def. Alex Petersen/Sydney Powers (Wartburg) 8-2
sf Madison Overmann/Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Ellie Hemker/Anna Spencer (Luther) 8-4
c Madison Overmann/Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Naomi Amani/Madeline Parker (Dubuque) 8-4 3rd
Alex Petersen/Sydney Powers (Wartburg) def. Ellie Hemker/Anna Spencer (Luther) 8-5

B-SINGLES -- (8-game pros - QF)
Semis/Champ -- (2-of-3- | supbrk)
1 Sydney Powers (Wartburg) def. Sierra Griffith (Simpson) 8-1
1 Noely Bauman (Loras) def. Shea Swanson (Nebraska Wesleyan), by default
1 McKenna Craff (Loras) def. Madison Gierstorf (Buena Vista) 8-2
1 Kelsey Kruse (Luther) def. Madeline Parker (Dubuque) 8-2
1 Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Megan Grubb (Simpson) 8-2
1 Megan Ranney (Dubuque) def. Kirsten Jordan (Central) 8-3
1 Han Le (Nebraska Wesleyan) def. Sophia Craig (Coe) 8-1
1 Madison Overmann (Wartburg) def. Emma Hartz (Buena Vista) 8-0
1 Kelly Kuebler (Simpson) def. Sami Thompson (Central) 8-4
1  Ellie Hemker (Luther) def. Rachel Zittergruen (Wartburg) 8-3
2  Sarah Schirm (Central) def. Sydney Powers (Wartburg) 8-3

2 Noely Bauman (Loras) def. Naomi Amani (Dubuque) 8-5
2 Alex Petersen (Wartburg) def. McKenna Craff (Loras) 8-4
2 Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Kelsey Kruse (Luther) 8-4
2 Han Le (Nebraska Wesleyan) def. Megan Ranney (Dubuque) 9-7
2 Madison Overmann (Wartburg) def. Mariana Bayona Paez (Loras) 8-3
2 Kelly Kuebler (Simpson) def. Megan Peklo (Nebraska Wesleyan), by default
2 Ellie Hemker (Luther) def. A. Palacios-Quinonez (Dubuque) 8-1
qf Noely Bauman (Loras) def. Sarah Schirm (Central) 8-6
qf Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Alex Petersen (Wartburg) 8-5
qf Madison Overmann (Wartburg) def. Han Le (Nebraska Wesleyan) 8-0
qf Ellie Hemker (Luther) def. Kelly Kuebler (Simpson) 8-0
sf Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) def. Noely Bauman (Loras) 6-2, 6-1
sf Madison Overmann (Wartburg) def. Ellie Hemker (Luther) 6-4, 6-4
c Madison Overmann (Wartburg) def. Gabby Olejniczak (Wartburg) 6-4, 6-2 3rd
Ellie Hemker (Luther) def. Noely Bauman (Loras) 6-1, 6-0

C-SINGLES -- (8-game pros)

1 Kaysey Bos (Central) def. Kyra Jernigan (Dubuque) 8-3
1 Katie Larson (Central) def. Maddie Smith (Loras) 8-4

1 Danielle Bates (Simpson) def. Thuan Tran (Luther) 9-7
1 Megan Peklo (Nebraska Wesleyan) def. Erin Richards (Loras), by default
1 Amber Laube (Wartburg) def. Madi Ulrich (Central) 9-7
1 Cory Eull (Luther) def. Hailey Wang (Dubuque), by default
1 Sarah Behrens (Central) def. Sarah Barry (Simpson) 8-0
1 Maddie Hartley (Central) def. Megan Grimm (Luther) 8-0
1 Cassidy Bos (Central) def. Lorin Miller (Simpson) 8-1
1 Anna Spencer (Luther) def. Ambriel Jacobs (Wartburg) 8-2
1 Cora Shefchik (Loras) def. Patient Jabbah (Dubuque) 8-5
1 Alivia Gerstein (Central) def. Hope Gray (Luther) 9-8 (7-5)
1  Nicole Popp (Wartburg) def. Grace Forde (Central) 8-1
2  Jenn Dankenbring (Wartburg) def. Kaysey Bos (Central) 8-4

2 Katie Larson (Central) def. Danielle Bates (Simpson) 8-1
2 Amber Laube (Wartburg) def. Erin Richards (Loras) 8-2
2 Cory Eull (Luther) def. Sarah Behrens (Central) 8-3
2 Maddie Hartley (Central) def. Franny Roche (Loras) 8-4
2 Anna Spencer (Luther) def. Cassidy Bos (Central) 8-5
2 Macy Scharff (Central) def. Cora Shefchik (Loras) 8-1
2 Nicole Popp (Wartburg) def. Alivia Gerstein (Central) 8-1
qf Katie Larson (Central) def. Jenn Dankenbring (Wartburg) 8-0
qf Cory Eull (Luther) def. Amber Laube (Wartburg) 8-3
qf Anna Spencer (Luther) def. Maddie Hartley (Central) 8-5
qf Macy Scharff (Central) def. Nicole Popp (Wartburg) 8-2
sf Katie Larson (Central) def. Cory Eull (Luther) 6-2, 7-5
sf Anna Spencer (Luther) def. Macy Scharff (Central) 6-3, 7-5
c Anna Spencer (Luther) def. Katie Larson (Central) 6-1, 4-6, 10-6 3rd
Cory Eull (Luther) def. Macy Scharff (Central) 6-1, 6-2