Wrestling Split Matches to Start Season

Nov 5, 2016

LINCOLN, Nebraska- The University of Dubuque kicked off their wrestling season on Saturday splitting two matches, defeating Nebraska Wesleyan 39-6 and falling to UW-Eau Claire 16-19.  

David Ortega (133), Jeremy Melendez (141), Greg Krulas (149) and Michael Huck (149) all began their season with two wins. Ortega pinned his first opponent in only 54 seconds, while taking his second match agasint Cody Vogel  (UWEC) 5-2. Jeremy Melendez also won by fall in his first match and won a nail bitter over Jordan Myer (UWEC) 7-6. Greg Krulas was the third Spartan to begin their season with a fall over an opponent from Nebraska Wesleyan. Krulas also won is dominating fashion against UW-Eau Claire’s Carter Foght by major decision. Michael Huck was the final Spartan to take both matches on the day with decisions over Dustin Monroe (NWU) 10-7  and Conner Hanson (UWEC) 5-3.

The Spartans host their first home match of the season on Saturday, Nov. 12 at 1:00 p.m. at the Stoltz Sports Center.  

Vs Nebraska Wesleyan
125 Javier Guillen (UD) over Brayden Dowding (NWU) Dec. 11-7 3-0
133 David Ortegea (UD) over Jorge Hernandez (NWU) Fall, 0:54 9-0
141 Jeremy Melendez (UD) over Michael Gunther (NWU) Fall, 3:50 15-0
149 Greg Krulas (UD) over Mitchell Hunt (NWU) Fall, 2:00 21-0
157 Michael Huck (UD) over Dustin Monroe (NWU) Dec. 10-7 24-0
165 Mark Griffin (UD) over Shane Buck (NWU) Fall, 0:34 30-0
174 Patrick Mooney (UD) over Matthew Fricke (NWU) Fall, 3:53 36-0
184 Roosevelt Smith (UD) over Alex Kerr (NWU) Dec. 5-4 39-0
197 Ben Lodema (NWU) over Dominic Sterr (UD) Dec. 7-3 39-3
HWT Justin Hennessy (NWU) over Jordan Hill (UD) TB, 3-1 39-6

Vs. UW-Eau Claire
125 Zackary Sirney (UWEC) over Javier Guillen (UD) MD 13-2
133 David Ortega (UD) over Cody Vogel (UWEC) Dec. 5-2
141 Jeremy Melendez (UD) over Jordan Meyer (UWEC) Dec. 7-6
149 Greg Krulas (UD) over Carter Foght  (UWEC)  MD 10-0
157 Michael Huck (UD) over Conner Hanson (UWEC) Dec. 5-3
165 Marcus Blount (UWEC) over Stetson Clary (UD) Fall 4:25
174 Taylor Vogt (UWEC) over Patrick Mooney (UD) Dec. 12-7
184 Travis Cripe (UWEC) over Roosevelt Smith (UD) Dec. 4-2
197 Ethan Cain (UD) over Cecil Philson (UWEC) Dec. 8-5
HWT Justin Karkula (UWEC) over Jordan Hill (UD) Dec. 4-3 OT