Spartans Qualify for NCAA Division III Outdoor Track and Field Championships

May 25, 2016

Atwater qualified for her second outdoor Division III championships while Murfin, Link, and Ortiz prepare for their first national championship competition.


List of 2016 NCAA DIII Outdoor Track and Field National Qualifiers

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Official NCAA Division III Championship results link

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The University of Dubuque men's and women's track teams qualified four individuals, Tanasha Atwater, Alex Link, Blaze Murfin, and Fabiola Ortiz for the 2016 NCAA Division III Outdoor Track and Field Championships being held in Waverly, Iowa, hosted by Wartburg, on May 26-28.

Link, Murfin, and Ortiz qualify for the outdoor national meet for the first time after punching their tickets in their final meet of the season, respectively. Atwater finished 20th nationally in the outdoor shot put in 2015 and placed 12th overall in the shot put at this year's indoor national championships.

Twenty-two competitors will challenge for the national title in women's events, including relays, while 20 will compete on the men's side.

The women's team will showcase Atwater, who enters the championships as the #1 seed in the women 's shotput with a nation's best toss of 14.67 meters of the 22 competitors who qualified. She will also compete in the women's hammer throw where she ranks 13th with a throw of 53.72 meters. She is one of 22 competitors in the hammer throw. Ortiz earned the right to qualify for the women's 3,000 meter steeple chase after she lowered her time on Thursday at the North Central College Final Qualifier Track Meet in a time of 10:56.94. The time qualified her 20th out of 22 qualifiers and she will be chasing down the leaders who enter with the fastest time of the year in 10:27.30.

On the men's side the Spartans Alex Link leads with a #6 seed in the men's discus with a season's best toss of 51.13 meters. Joining him in the field will be UD's Blaze Murfin who claimed the final qualifying spot as the #20 seed with a throw of 48.75 meters.

*Listed based on schedule of events
Alex Link
Thursday 11:30 a.m.
6th – Discus (51.13m) *School record
-Outdoor IIAC Discus Champion
-Qualified for nationals and beat previous season-best by 9+ feet at final meet of season

Blaze Murfin
Thursday 11:30 a.m.
20th – Discus (48.75m)
-Outdoor IIAC Men’s Field MVP
-Won both outdoor IIAC HT and SP, 3rd in discus
-Indoor Nat’l Championships qualifier in WT
-Qualified for nationals at final meet of season

Tanasha Atwater
Friday 12:00 p.m. and Saturday 11:30 a.m.
1st - Shot Put (14.67m) *School record
13th - Hammer Throw (53.72m) *School record
-2nd career outdoor nationals appearance (SP in 2015)
-IIAC Women’s Field MVP
-2016 Outdoor IIAC Shot Put champion, Hammer Throw runner-up
-Indoor Nat’l Championships qualifier in SP
-Won 10 outdoor events, including all 8 SP events this season
-Re-gained SP national lead in final meet of year

Fabiola Ortiz
Thursday 3:30pm (Prelims), Saturday 12:45pm (Finals)
20th - 3000m Steeplechase (10:56.94) *School record
-Qualified for Nat’ls thanks to near 5-second PR in final meet of season
-Two-time defending Outdoor IIAC 3000m Steeplechase champion
-Less than 1 second away from All-IIAC in 1500m, finished 4th
-Won 5 of 7 career 3000m SC races

Event 36  Men Discus (20)
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1  Marcus Dozier                 SR DePauw               57.13m 
  2  Tyler Yeastedt                SR RPI                  53.57m 
  3  Max Leonard                   SR Illinois Wes         52.84m 
  4  Andre Hinds                   SR Gettysburg           51.89m 
  5  Theron Baumann                SO Wis.-Whitewa         51.41m 
  6  Alex Link                     SO Dubuque              51.13m 
  7  Andrew Okruch                 JR Rose-Hulman          50.75m 
  8  Adedire Fakorede              SO Bates                50.52m 
  9  Mark Balmes                   SR Carthage             50.27m 
 10  Glenn Kohles                  JR Rowan                50.17m 
 11  Corey Burt                    SR Whitworth            50.15m 
 12  Kevin Barbian                 SO Augustana (I         49.76m 
 13  Alex Mess                     SR Wis.-Eau Cla         49.75m 
 14  Cameron Yon                   FR PSU-Harrisbu         49.69m 
 15  Anthony Tyler                 JR Hamline              49.58m 
 16  Chase Duwenhoegger            SO Hamline              49.31m 
 17  Tanner Rahman                 SO Wis.-La Cros         49.18m 
 18  Matt Love                     FR Trinity (Tex         48.98m 
 19  William Simon                 SR Adrian               48.97m 
 20  Blaze Murfin                  FR Dubuque              48.75m 

Event 19  Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase (22) Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Sarah Fowler                  JR Ohio Wesleya       10:27.30 
  2  Alanna McDonough              SR Colby              10:32.16 
  3  Alison Lindsay                SO Washington U       10:38.03 
  4  Erin Herrmann                 JR Hope               10:40.44 
  5  Emily Sundquist               SO Williams           10:43.04 
  6  Erin Holzbaur                 FR TCNJ               10:45.21 
  7  McKenzie Diemer               SR Calvin             10:45.94 
  8  Sara Rosenzweig               JR SUNY Geneseo       10:46.35 
  9  Taylor Ostrander              SR Willamette         10:47.17 
 10  Jordan Tuin                   JR Wheaton (Ill       10:47.97 
 11  Sanjuanita Martinez           SR Cornell Coll       10:48.37 
 12  Jessie Cardin                 SO Westfield St       10:49.18 
 13  Sarah Jonathan                SR Macalester         10:49.66 
 14  Jacqueline Huben              SR SUNY Geneseo       10:49.88 
 15  Amanda Macuiba                SR Illinois Wes       10:51.61 
 16  Holly McKinney                SO Central Coll       10:51.99 
 17  Hannah Bressler               SR Willamette         10:52.58 
 18  Minnie Horvath                JR U. of Chicag       10:53.75 
 19  Kellyn Roiko                  SR Whitworth          10:56.08 
 20  Fabiola Ortiz                 JR Dubuque            10:56.94 
 21  Catherine Knox                SR Rochester          10:57.20 
 22  Georgia Crane                 SR Wheaton (Mas       10:58.23 
Event 33  Women Shot Put (22)
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1  Tanasha Atwater               SO Dubuque              14.67m 
  2  Kara Eck                      SO Trine                14.62m 
  3  Samantha Dolezal              SR Nebraska Wes         14.23m 
  4  Olivia Johnson                SR Concordia-Mo         14.19m 
  5  Brandy Smith                  JR Ithaca               14.14m 
  6  Tyra Roberts                  SO Alvernia             14.12m 
  7  Vaiva Palunas                 JR Claremont-Mu         14.09m 
  8  Monique Newton                SO Oberlin              13.94m 
  9  Marissa Bolen                 SR Wilmington (         13.94m 
 10  Madison Haasz                 SR Heidelberg           13.92m 
 11  Autumn Miller                 JR Wis.-La Cros         13.92m 
 12  Morgan Young                  JR Carthage             13.87m 
 13  Kim Gallavan                  SR Baldwin Wall         13.76m 
 14  Kim Donaldson                 FR Colby                13.73m 
 15  Naloti Palma-Kaluma           SR Westfield St         13.72m 
 16  Michelle Brandt               JR Wis.-Stout           13.66m 
 17  Sarah Swanson                 SR Gustavus Ado         13.62m 
 18  Jillian Korgeski              FR King's (Pa.)         13.53m 
 19  Kristina Herman               FR St. Norbert          13.49m 
 20  Bethany Love                  SO Calvin               13.46m 
 21  Akia Taplin                   SO Texas Luther         13.44m 
 22  SteaVen Becker                SO Nebraska Wes         13.39m 

Event 37  Women Hammer (22)
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1  Whitney Simmons               JR UT-Tyler             57.48m 
  2  Kim Gallavan                  SR Baldwin Wall         57.02m 
  3  Madison Haasz                 SR Heidelberg           56.92m 
  4  Lizzy Abhold                  JR Wis.-Oshkosh         56.69m 
  5  Lydia Meier                   JR Wis.-Stout           56.42m 
  6  Emily Bassett                 SO Claremont-Mu         55.58m 
  7  Kara Eck                      SO Trine                55.37m 
  8  Kayla Etherton                JR North Centra         55.20m 
  9  Meghan Serdock                JR Oneonta              54.94m 
 10  Maggie Urban                  SR Baldwin Wall         54.40m 
 11  Kadie Flynn                   SR Wis.-Stevens         54.39m 
 12  Vaiva Palunas                 JR Claremont-Mu         53.93m 
 13  Tanasha Atwater               SO Dubuque              53.72m 
 14  Amanda Head                   JR Benedictine          53.45m 
 15  Lorell Stuht                  JR Central Coll         53.37m 
 16  Sam Anderson                  SR Wis.-Eau Cla         53.03m 
 17  Jodi Koellner                 SO Nebraska Wes         53.03m 
 18  Carly Markos                  JR Springfield          52.81m 
 19  Morgan Young                  JR Carthage             52.77m 
 20  Monique Newton                SO Oberlin              52.58m 
 21  Mia Bennett                   SO Carthage             52.15m 
 22  Amanda Strupp                 JR Wis.-Whitewa         51.88m 


Schedule for the 2016 NCAA Outdoor National Championships hosted by Wartburg College


Due to impending weather, Thursday's schedule has changed as follows:

  • The Decathlon moves up to 10:30 AM
  • Both Pole Vaults move up 2 hours earlier
  • Both Open Long Jumps move up 2 hours earlier
  • All Open Running Events move up 2 hours earlier
  • Both Discus events will remain the same


May 26M/WEventRound 
Thu 10:00 AM M Pole Vault Finals
Thu 10:30 AM M 100 Meters Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 11:00 AM W 100 Meters Hurdles Heptathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 11:15 AM M Long Jump Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 11:30 AM M Discus Finals
Thu 12:00 PM W High Jump Heptathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 12:30 PM W Long Jump Finals
Thu 1:00 PM M 4x100 Meters Relay Prelims
Thu 1:00 PM M Shot Put Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 1:15 PM W 4x100 Meters Relay Prelims
Thu 1:30 PM M 1500 Meters Prelims
Thu 1:45 PM W 1500 Meters Prelims
Thu 2:00 PM M 400 Meters Hurdles Prelims
Thu 2:00 PM W Pole Vault Finals
Thu 2:00 PM W Shot Put Heptathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 2:15 PM W 400 Meters Hurdles Prelims
Thu 2:30 PM M 200 Meters Prelims
Thu 2:30 PM W Discus Finals
Thu 2:45 PM W 200 Meters Prelims
Thu 2:45 PM M High Jump Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 3:00 PM M 3000 Meters Steeplechase Prelims
Thu 3:30 PM M Long Jump Finals
Thu 3:30 PM W 3000 Meters Steeplechase Prelims
Thu 3:50 PM W 200 Meters Heptathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 3:55 PM M 10000 Meters Finals
Thu 4:30 PM M 400 Meters Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Thu 4:35 PM W 10000 Meters Finals
Thu 5:20 PM M 4x400 Meters Relay Prelims
Thu 5:35 PM W 4x400 Meters Relay Prelims


May 27M/WEventRound 
Fri 11:30 AM M High Jump Finals
Fri 12:00 PM W Shot Put Finals
Fri 12:00 PM M 110 Meters Hurdles Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Fri 12:00 PM W Long Jump Heptathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Fri 1:00 PM M Discus Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Fri 1:20 PM W Javelin Heptathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Fri 2:30 PM W High Jump Finals
Fri 2:45 PM M Pole Vault Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Fri 3:00 PM M Shot Put Finals
Fri 3:41 PM W 800 Meters Heptathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Fri 4:05 PM M 110 Meters Hurdles Prelims
Fri 4:30 PM W 100 Meters Hurdles Prelims
Fri 4:45 PM M 400 Meters Prelims
Fri 5:00 PM W 400 Meters Prelims
Fri 5:00 PM M Javelin Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points
Fri 5:15 PM M 100 Meters Prelims
Fri 5:30 PM W 100 Meters Prelims
Fri 5:45 PM M 800 Meters Prelims
Fri 6:00 PM W 800 Meters Prelims
Fri 6:45 PM M 1500 Meters Decathlon Startlist/Results | Points


May 28M/WEventRound 
Sat 11:30 AM W Triple Jump Finals
Sat 11:30 AM W Hammer Finals
Sat 11:30 AM W Javelin Finals
Sat 12:30 PM M 3000 Meters Steeplechase Finals
Sat 12:45 PM W 3000 Meters Steeplechase Finals
Sat 1:05 PM M 4x100 Meters Relay Finals
Sat 1:15 PM W 4x100 Meters Relay Finals
Sat 1:25 PM M 1500 Meters Finals
Sat 1:35 PM W 1500 Meters Finals
Sat 1:50 PM M 110 Meters Hurdles Finals
Sat 2:00 PM W 100 Meters Hurdles Finals
Sat 2:10 PM M 400 Meters Finals
Sat 2:20 PM W 400 Meters Finals
Sat 2:30 PM M 100 Meters Finals
Sat 2:30 PM M Triple Jump Finals
Sat 2:30 PM M Javelin Finals
Sat 2:30 PM M Hammer Finals
Sat 2:40 PM W 100 Meters Finals
Sat 2:50 PM M 800 Meters Finals
Sat 3:00 PM W 800 Meters Finals
Sat 3:15 PM M 400 Meters Hurdles Finals
Sat 3:25 PM W 400 Meters Hurdles Finals
Sat 3:40 PM M 200 Meters Finals
Sat 3:50 PM W 200 Meters Finals
Sat 4:00 PM M 5000 Meters Finals
Sat 4:25 PM W 5000 Meters Finals
Sat 4:50 PM M 4x400 Meters Relay Finals
Sat 5:00 PM W 4x400 Meters Relay Finals