Sorority Promotes Partnership with Easter Eggs

Mar 29, 2016 | S.Ortman

‌Xander Burbach, 4, participates in an Easter egg hunt on The Quad at the University of Dubuque. 
UD’s chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma organized the event that was held Tuesday, March 29.

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Eighteen-month-old Dash Gunnelson balanced colorful plastic Easter eggs under his chin and in his hands Tuesday, March 29, on The Quad at the University of Dubuque.

One of the youngest Spartans on campus, Dash and his friends darted for eggs at the third annual Easter egg hunt for the Marge Kremer Little Spartans Childcare Center. UD’s chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma organized the event and hid over 200 eggs for the center’s children to find.

“It’s good that we can get the children involved on campus,” said Lydia West, a junior communication major from Winnebago, Illinois. She serves as the sorority’s community service chair.

Childhood memories came alive for some Sigma Lambda Gamma members as they watched 55 children enthusiastically run towards Easter eggs hidden in the grass.

“It’s kind of nostalgic,” said Yanely Nordin, a junior digital forensics major from Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, adding. “When you’re younger, your parents are the ones who hide the eggs. Now, you kind of feel like the parent, even though the kids aren’t yours.”

Some parents took photos of their children at the Easter egg hunt. Melissa Gunnelson, senior director of LIFE advising for the University of Dubuque, said it was exciting to watch Dash play with other children on campus. Her husband, Chad Gunnelson, director of cross country and track and field at UD, was impressed with Sigma Lambda Gamma.

“It’s a great community service (they did) that directly affects our own campus community,” he said.

Partnerships like those with Sigma Lambda Gamma are crucial for the childcare center.

“I love whenever organizations on campus want to team up with us,” said Angela Schrodt, childcare center director, adding. “It always brightens your day to see a child.”