Math 4 U 2

August 8, 2016 | 8:30 AM — 11:30 AM
University Science Center
Deb Stork - 563.589.3453 or 563.589.3232

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Math 4 U2 is a 2 week STEM camp that engages students entering 6th and 7th grade who benefit from support in math just prior to the start of school. The Math 4 U2 Program is project based. Students will learn how to apply math skills while participating in motivating activities such as cooking, athletics, robotics, and a variety of math based games.

COST: $200, Scholarships available, includes t-shirt, snack, and related class expenses. CONTACT: 563.589.3232

Registration: Math 4 U2

Flier: Math 4u2

Scholarship - K12 UD