Cedar Rapids Graduate Testimonials

JEANINE PENTICOFF, Master's Degree Program - MBA 

Penticoff, Jeanine Testimonial (650x400 px)
"The University of Dubuque LIFE program offered me a great opportunity to earn my MBA. I have a demanding job that includes frequent travel, plus a busy personal life. However, with the LIFE program, I was able to fit my classes, studies and assignments into my schedule and complete my degree in 18 months. I really appreciated the structure of the program and enjoyed the direct interaction with fellow professionals from other organizations. The format and flexibility was just what I needed to make pursuing my MBA a reality."

DOUG SLAGLE, Master's Degree Program - MBA

Slagle, Douglas Testimonial (650x400 px)
"I decided to further my post high school education later in life, when compared to the traditional student, to assist my professional growth and achieve some personal goals.  After some research, I chose the University of Dubuque over competing educational institutions for a variety of reasons, which were all confirmed, through my attendance.  The teaching faculty that I was exposed to possessed both the curriculum knowledge and the real world working experience, which was able to compliment the instruction.  Additionally, the schedule flexibility that was provided from the counseling staff allowed me to achieve my goals at an accelerated rate.  Lastly, the University of Dubuque is both a regionally and nationally recognized institution that is respected within the profession I work within.  The decision to attend and graduate from the University of Dubuque is one I will never regret."

KARA CARNES, Bachelor's Degree - Business & MBA Degree Programs

Carnes, Kara - Testimonials (650x400)
"Hello, my name is Kara Carnes a graduate of the University of Dubuque Master’s program class of 2015.  I started at the UD in 2012 to finish up my bachelor’s degree in Business and enjoyed it so much I went on to pursue my Masters in Business Administration.  I am a believer that knowledge is the key to success and since receiving my degree my career and experience have only grown stronger.  I knew that going back to school as an adult would be hard, but I also knew that I did not want a lack of education to hold me back from my dreams.  After graduating, I have more confidence in myself and believe nothing can stand in my way of being the person I want to be."

MATTHEW WEBER, Bachelor's Degree - Human Resources 

Weber, Matt Testimonial (650x400 px)
"With over ten years of management experience I found myself stuck professionally and knew that a four year degree was essential for continued growth. When I stumbled across the University of Dubuque LIFE Program I still wasn’t sure if I was ready to tackle school, work, and the life of a single parent.  By the time I walked out of the University of Dubuque’s office I had confidence I could handle it all.  The staff and instructors have exceeded their promises of providing me support in all aspects of my life.  Not only am I about to graduate with honors, but through my schooling, I also realized that I have a higher passion for the Human Resources side of business versus the management side.  I can’t remember a time in my professional life that I’ve been more excited and felt this prepared to embark on this next chapter of my life."

KATHY WERNER, Bachelor's Degree - Business

Werner, Kathy Testimonial (650x400)
"I have recommended the UD Life program to many of my friends, and will continue to do so after I graduate with my MBA. Not only is the knowledge I've gained invaluable, the connections and friendships with both instructors and fellow classmates will last long after I have completed my classes. The insights my fellow classmates share bring real life experience to the material we cover in class."

JOEL COLBECK, Bachelor's Degree - Marketing

Colbeck, Joel Testimonials (650x400)
"The LIFE Program was perfect for my situation.  After changing my major from a junior year wasted at another school, I was able to pursue my marketing degree part time while working 40 hours a week. With the 3 hour classes once a week in five-week increments, the time just flew by and now,...ta daa!"

MEGAN JERKINS, Bachelor's Degree - Health Care Administration

Jerkins, Megan Testimonials (650x400)
"I am a recent graduate from the University of Dubuque Life program and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to obtain their degree while still working a full time job. Only meeting for class once a week helped me balance my work life and my school life all while gaining extensive knowledge on the subject matter. I would not have had the same experience if it were not for the staff and my fellow classmates. We helped and pushed each other along the way to do the best we could and not give up. It is a great feeling to be proud of yourself and I owe all of that to the University of Dubuque."

BECKY WEIDENHAMER, Bachelor's Degree - Human Resource Management

Weidenhamer, Becky Testimonial (650x400 px)
"I am pleased and honored to write a letter of recommendation for the University of Dubuque-LIFE program. With the accelerated format, and meeting for class one night per week, this program has allowed me to keep my professional career structured while obtaining my undergraduate degree. I’m extremely happy to observe and participate in classes offered.  By the means of the structure, and the exemplary support of the staff and instructors, I am continuing with the University of Dubuque-LIFE program to complete my MBA. It is an outstanding program in all respects has taught me with hard work, follow though, and team work, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to."

TERI KELEHER, Bachelor's Degree - Health Care Administration

Teri Keleher with Paxton (250x300 px)

"The Life Program at the University Of Dubuque which is an Adult Accelerated Program, was a great fit for me. I was able to achieve a balanced life between work, family and school. The University of Dubuque staff was committed to help me set the foundation in achieving my goals in obtaining a degree. The support and leadership the staff displayed, gave me the confidence to develop a positive impact in my future endeavors. It was even better to graduate with my daughter who obtained her traditional degree at the Dubuque campus."

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