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Your investment in the Annual Student Scholarship Fund makes a real difference in the lives of our students. Read more about Chris and Elizabeth, just two, of the many, to benefit from the generosity of our investors. 

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Christopher Clark-Smith: Student Stories

Christopher Clark-Smith was born in Michigan, raised in Georgia, and now calls Iowa home. He is a first generation student and a veteran of the Armed Forces.

As a child, Christopher grew up dreaming of being a pilot, a policeman, or a truck driver. As a member of both the Air Force and the Army, he fulfilled one of those dreams as a military policeman. He is fulfilling another as an Aviation Management / Flight Operations major at UD.

Christopher has brought his passion for flying to UD and through his journey here he’s earned the respect of his professors and peers, has found mentors and friendships throughout campus, and has become an active and important part of the Sergeant Jeffrey B. Dodge Veterans Center.

As a recipient of scholarships supported by your investment, you have made a difference in Christopher's’s life, and are a part of his success.

“Being able to interact and connect with people at UD has made a huge difference in my success. I’m not just a number or an unknown face in the crowd here.” - Christopher Clark-Smith

Elizabeth Swan - Student Stories (800x450)

Elizabeth Swan is a first year UDTS Master of Divinity student. She came to UD from Geneseo, IL, and in May of 2017, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication.

Elizabeth brought to UD a desire to learn and grow as a person, a deep faith, and the knowledge that this was where she was meant to be. As a new student, she became involved in Campus Ministry and found her calling.

An active member of UD and UDTS campus life, Elizabeth is a familiar face to all. She has gained the respect and friendship of those around her, and is a devoted leader and mentor to others. 

As a recipient of scholarships supported by your investment, you have made a difference in Elizabeth’s life, and are a part of her success.

“When I first started at UD, I was fortunate to have faculty and staff that made me feel that I mattered. They continue to make me feel that way… and that’s made all the difference in my success.”
- Elizabeth Swan

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