SchoolBus Performance Series

The 2017-18 SchoolBus Performance Series is open to public school, private/parochial school, homeschool, and accredited pre-school and daycare organizations. Age requirement to attend is at least four (4) years of age.

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Monday, October 16, 2017 - 9:45 a.m.

Janet's Planet: A Tour Through the Solar System

‌‌Recommended Grades: 2-5

Blast off with Janet's Planettravelling at the "speed of thought," introducing the wonders of the galaxy to young audiences nationwide. Shown on 144 public television stations nationwide, students are in for a real treat as they are given a virtual tour of the solar system from Janet's futuristic Mission Control. This interactive presentation engages and inspires scientific inquiry and lifelong learning. With 17+ years in the media, Janet has received 12 Regional Emmy Awards and 5 Gracie Allen Awards.

BONUS FEATURE:  A live “Conversation with an Astronaut” via Skype is included with your reservation. Online access will be provided directly to your classroom in advance of your visit to Heritage Center for “Janet’s Planet.”

NOTE: October 4-10, 2017 is World Space Week.  For more information and fun resources for the classroom, click here.

Curriculum Connections: Science, Planetary Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Criticial Thinking, Performing and Visual Arts

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‌Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 9:45 a.m.‌

Young Abe Lincoln

Performed by TCT on Tour: A Division of the Children's Theatre of Cincinnati

‌‌Recommended Grades: 3-12

‌Abraham Lincoln will be remembered as the 16th President of the United States, the man who abolished slavery and for having the most memorable beard/hat combo of any president. But how did Abe become the influential politician beloved by so many? TCT On Tour retraces the steps of Abe Lincoln’s early life in Southern Indiana.

Curriculum Connections: History, Storytelling, Performing and Visual Arts




Monday, November 13, 2017 - 9:45 a.m. (FULL) and 12:15 p.m.

Dr. Suess's The Cat in the Hat

Performed by Two Beans Productions (New York)

‌‌‌‌Recommended Grades: PK-4

A musical adventure! From the moment his tall, red-and-white-striped hat appears around the door, Sally and her brother know that The Cat in the Hat is the funniest, most mischievous cat they have ever met. With the trickiest of tricks and the craziest of ideas, he is certainly fun to play with. And he turns a rainy afternoon into an amazing adventure. But what will Mum find when she comes home...?

Curriculum Connections: Communication, Language Arts, Literature, Music, Performing and Visual Arts

Monday, November 27, 2017 - 9:45 a.m.‌ & 12:15 p.m.

Doktor Kaboom! LIVE WIRE!: The Electricity Show

‌Recommended Grades: 2-5 (9:45 a.m.); Grades 6-8 (12:15 p.m.)

Commissioned by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Doktor Kaboom explores the nature of electricity. What is it? What does it do for us? Where does it come from? At the dawn of the 19th century mankind first harnessed electrical power, the world changed and the journey continues. Kaboom covers the fundamentals of electricity and the history of humanity’s adventures into its potential using Tesla Coils, Van de Graaf Generators, and a ping pong shooting robot. Kaboom explains safety; Tesla; Edison; Faraday; lightning bolts, current; voltage; conductive and non-conductive media; electrical arcs; light emission; sparks; resistance; magnetic fields, electric generators: mechanical energy to electrical energy; energy conservation; plasma; electromagnetic coils and conductors.

Curriculum Connections: Science, Electricity, Safety, Critical Thinking

View the Doktor Kaboom Study Guide.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 9:45 a.m. (FULL) and 12:15 p.m.

Miss Nelson is Missing

Performed by Two Beans Productions (New York)

Recommended Grades: K-5

The students in Room 207 were the worst-behaved class in the whole school: spitballs stuck to the ceiling; paper airplanes whizzing through the air – even though they had the sweetest teacher of all, Miss Nelson. But when Miss Nelson unexpectedly does not come to school one day, the class gets the strictest substitute they have ever met: Miss Viola Swamp! The search is on for Miss Nelson, who seems to have vanished. Hopefully the students of Room 207 will find her before it's too late – for them! This lighthearted musical reminds us all to show appreciation to those that we value!

Curriculum Connections: Communication, Language Arts, Literature, Music, Performing and Visual Arts

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Monday, February 5, 2018 - 9:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.

Mr. Molecule's Bing Bang Boom Science Show

Recommended Grades: K-3 (9:45 a.m.) 4-8 (12:15 p.m.)

See Science come alive! When Mr. Molecule unleashes the power and excitement of science - Bing! Bang! Boom! - he creates an explosion of learning kids can’t resist! All based on core science principals and created by Mr. Molecule right before their eyes! Students are astonished to see the fantastic 12-foot tall Foam Monster, the impossible Balloons in Orbit and the hysterically funny Bernoulli TP Challenge, all based on essential science principles. Mr. Molecule creates an awesome new way for kids to discover science and experience the joy of learning!

Curriculum Connections: Exothermic Reactions, Bernoulli's Principle, Kinetic Energy, Ecosystems, Chemical Bonds, Astronomy, Classification, Human Body, Life Science, Physical Science, Performing and Visual Arts

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Monday, February 26, 2018 - 9:45 a.m.

Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great

Performed by ArtsPower National Touring Theatre (New Jersey)

Recommended Grades: 2-6

Being a 10 year-old kid is kind of a pain. Having an older sister is really a pain. Being afraid of everything is… well, just plain painful! Sheila Tubman, otherwise known as Sheila the Great, comes of age in ArtsPower’s lively and poignant musical, based on Judy Blume’s popular novel, about discovering the person within.

Curriculum Connections: Family Relationships, Language/Communication Skills, Literature, Values, Performing and Visual Arts

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Monday, March 5, 2018 - 9:45 a.m.

I Have a Dream: The Life & Times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Performed by Virginia Rep on Tour

Recommended Grades: 3-12

Written by Bruce Craig Miller, this compelling dramatization of the life and times of one of the most influential and charismatic leaders of the “American Century” and the Civil Rights movement will inspire your students as they experience Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s struggle and his dream of lifting “our nation from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.”

Curriculum Connections: Biography, Language Arts, History, Social Sciences, Multi-Cultural, Public Speaking, Reading, Self-Esteem, Character Development, Performing and Visual Arts

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Virginia Rep Website:

Friday, April 6, 2018 - 9:45 a.m.

Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey

Presented by Lightwire Theater

Recommended Grades: PK-4

A cosmic adventure celebrating differences! Marvin the mouse wants to be popular. Constantly bullied and picked on by the “cool” rats, he is labeled as a looser and a geek. To escape the continuous badgering, Marvin retreats into his science books and world of fantasy. He longs for adventure and heroism. Join Marvin on the space adventure of a lifetime: a trip to the moon on his homemade rocket, where he meets a strange cast of misfit creatures, experiences infinite peril, and views awesome beauty. Will Marvin make his dreams come true and experience the glory and acceptance he craves? Puppetry-based neon creatures come to life in Lightwire’s signature brand of electroluminescent artistry, poignant musical storytelling, and evocative, life-like imagery.

Curriculum Connections: Puppetry, Science, Technology, Music, Storytelling, Performing and Visual Arts, Self-Esteem, Character Building

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 9:45 a.m.

The Wright Brothers: Those Daring Young Men & Their Flying Machine

Performed by Fresh Brewed Productions (New York)

Recommended Grades: 2-6

The original high flying musical! A true STEM show - portraying one of America’s earliest successes in combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In 1896, the idea of humans flying through the air was only a dream, but two brothers in their small bicycle shop in Ohio, Orville and Wilber Wright, make the dream reality. This wonderful musical, filled with great songs, action and humor, brings the Wright Brothers to life and to flight once again. Themes and take-away messages of the show include perseverance, the value of out-of-the-box, inventive thinking, teamwork, history, brotherhood, and loyalty.

Curriculum Connections: History, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Communication and Language Arts, Music, Visual and Performing Arts

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