Title IX and Clery Act Informational Sessions

The University of Dubuque provides informational sessions for faculty and staff during the academic year. The informational sessions are two hours in length and focus on the roles and responsibilities of faculty and staff under Title IX and Clery Act. The sessions provide attendees with the information necessary to understand the complex trauma associated with sexual assault. 

Receiving support, empathy, and understanding following a disclosure is a vital part of a victim's healing journey. The sessions will equip its attendees with the knowledge to properly respond to student, faculty, and staff disclosures of sexual misconduct with care. 


  • Identify interim changes suggested by the Department of Education as it applies to Title IX and the Clery Act
  • State faculty and staff requirements outlined under Title IX and the Clery Act
  • Employ knowledge and skills to better serve students, faculty, and staff following their disclosure of sexual misconduct
  • Discuss the process of a Title IX investigation after a report is made
  • Express the rights of petitioners and respondents
  • Identify counseling, support services, and resources for survivors of sexual misconduct

The informational sessions are a collaboration between the campus Human Resources Office and the Riverview Center. Please contact the Julie MacTaggart, Director of Human Resources at 563.589.3619 or JMacTaggart@dbq.edu to review the campus schedule for the informational sessions and to reserve a seat.