Marilyn Zunk

Athletics | Hall of Distinction

Marilyn Zunk - Hall of FameMarilyn Zunk was more than just the University of Dubuque's Athletic Office Administrative Assistant: she was the cornerstone that held up the coaching staff and students for over 28 years (1977-2006)! She represented Spartan hospitality with her friendly and helpful demeanor as she was always the first person to greet everyone who stopped by the UD Athletic Department. Her office was an inviting and comfortable place, where students and coaches could escape the stress of class and work - a home away from home. 

Marilyn performed many background duties, such as managing and monitoring the athletic budget, coordinating the preliminary preparation of playing games on the road, field, or court, and assisting with anything that might make the coaches job easier.

When asked about her years at UD, she commented, "The UD Athletic Department became my extended family and I enjoyed being a "Mom" figure for many coaches and student-athletes, they will forever be in my heart. She still keeps in contact with many of them today. 

People with such a heart are hard to find, and UD was blessed to have Marilyn for as long as we did. After retirement, Marilyn and her husband Tom moved to South Carolina to be closer to her daughter Angela. She loves the South and does not miss the snow! Her son Tim currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is able to come visit a few times during the year for family reunions.