Schedule a Visit

Visiting a college will give you a chance to better understand the culture of the campus and the opportunities available to you. Every college has its own personality.

University of Dubuque offers a variety of options to visit campus.  Individual visits or Preview Days can be arranged based on your preference.  We hope you take advantage of this opportunity during your college search to explore the University on a personal level.

Individual Visit: This is our favorite type of visit! Any weekday and most Saturdays, the campus is open for you to visit and tour campus.  Appointments with admission counselors, academic professors, coaches, ROTC cadre, and Fine & Performing Arts can be arranged for you based on your individual interests. Schedule Your Visit

Preview Day: A Preview Day is a small group visit day that allows you an opportunity to visit with coaches (as well as chances to speak with ROTC cadre and Fine & Performing Arts representatives), an academic professor, tour the campus with current students, lunch, and an admission/financial planning overview. Register Now