There are many factors that go into your college search. While we understand that costs are a part of your consideration; it is important to us that all students are able to attend their first-choice college. Therefore, we are committed to assist you and your family to help make University of Dubuque possible. Please consider the following information.

Undergraduate Costs for the 2018-19 Academic Year
Full-time Tuition $32,670
Student Fees $1,440
Room (Double Occupancy) $4,930
Board (Standard meal plan) $4,850
Other Fees  
Annual Parking Permit $85
Orientation Fee (one time fee) $100
 J-Term $210
Other Estimated Expenses  
Books $950
Flight costs for Airplane Training $10,000-13,000
(flight costs vary and are based on actual flight time charges)
Flight costs for Helicopter Training $25,000
(flight costs for Helicopter is an estimated rate of $12,500 per semester)

We understand that paying for college can be overwhelming.  Please communicate with your admission counselor and review the information on the Financial aid page to consider your options.

For more information on housing and meal plan options, click here