Study Abroad

The University of Dubuque has a history of offering international experience to its students, both through fellowship with international students on the UD campus and through study abroad. We welcome students from many countries to our undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs. We also encourage students to pursue study abroad at every level, from short term programs to semesters abroad.

Mission Statement:

"In light of its Mission, the University will continually re-examine and adjust the core curriculum to achieve an artful and purposeful blend of the arts, sciences, humanities, and theology. Where appropriate, these disciplines will be infused within the professional programs offered. A value-laden education which focuses on justice, ethics, and responsible stewardship within a globally diverse community will be stressed."

At UD, we understand that applying for study abroad can seem like a complicated process. The Student Checklist for Study Abroad has been designed by the International Studies Office to help you prepare and research your semester abroad options. The Checklist will refer to the Course Equivalency Form that must be filled out by your academic advisor and the Registrar.

If you have a semester program in mind, please print the Application and make an appointment with the Office of International Studies! 

Students also have the opportunity to enter the Study Abroad Photo Contest when they return from studying abroad, where they can share their favorite study abroad moments and photos with the UD community!

Questions and Answers! 

How do I choose a program? 
Of course, you will need to consider issues such as cost, timing, language, and your own health and fitness. There is no replacement for lots of research! Use the links in this website to begin your search, and come to the International Studies Office for help in refining your decision. Don't overlook less traditional study abroad opportunities such as short term study, interning, and service learning. For more information on UD affiliated programs, visit here!

Why should I consider studying abroad? 
You can learn a language. You can enrich your chosen major. You can meet new people. You can learn to think globally. You can enhance your resume. And you will learn a lot about yourself!

Can I use my financial aid for study abroad? 
How much of your financial aid applies depends on the type of program you choose. For programs directly sponsored by the University of Dubuque, your entire financial aid package could apply. Federal or state financial aid may be applied to any full-time study abroad program approved for credit at the University of Dubuque.  However, your best bet would be to visit the Office of Student Financial Planning in the Charles and Romona Myers Center, third floor.

Will my credits transfer? 
Credits earned in any program sponsored by an accredited American college or university will be transferred when you present the Registrar with your transcript. If you have chosen direct enrollment in a non-US university, you are encouraged to file for pre-approval using the "prior course equivalency" form available from the Registrar's Office. Note: To ensure that any courses taken will indeed be accepted by the University of Dubuque, students are strongly advised to obtain approval from their major advisor and the Registrar BEFORE attending any study abroad program.

How can I fit study abroad into a four-year program? 
It depends on your major. Some pre-professional majors are quite regimented, and will require you to plan a year or so ahead so you take general education requirements abroad. Most of the time it is long as you give yourself time for advance planning! If you are interested in spending a semester abroad, meet as early as possible with your major advisor to discuss the best timing. Try to fulfill several general education requirements while you are abroad. Most students who study abroad do so during their sophomore or junior year. The University of Dubuque prefers that you spend your final semester on campus.

Even if you can't fit a semester or year abroad into your four year program, you can still consider short term study or summer programs.

Short Term Study Abroad Opportunities 

Short term study programs bring international experience to more students, including many who, for curricular, demographic, or financial reasons, could not or would not consider a semester abroad.

Semester-long courses with an imbedded travel module are offered every semester. The course number "368" denotes a travel course (Example: ART 368). Many 368 courses are cross-registered and will fulfill the World View Seminar Three core requirement. 
Short-term study abroad courses with a longer travel module are offered during the summer terms.

Short-term study opportunities change every semester.  To participate in short-term study, you must register for the course(s) during Fall, Spring, or Summer registration.

Other Short Term Study Opportunities

The Department of Campus Ministry organizes mission experiences which often carry academic credit. Past mission trips have visited South Africa, Italy, Ecuador, Guatemala, and India.  For more information about upcoming mission trips, contact Rev Jim Gunn or Rev. Dr. Beth McCaw .

The Department of Athletics organizes international sports experiences which often carry academic credit. Recent team trips have included: Men's Soccer Team to Ireland; Women's Soccer Team to Costa Rica, and Men's Football Team to Germany.  For more information contact Director of Athletics Dan Runkle.

Contact Information:

Phyllis Garfield
Director for International Student Services & Study Abroad
International Studies Office
Heritage Center, Suite 306 F
Phone: 563.589.3712
Fax: 563.589.3482

Alexander Saleh
International Studies Advisor
International Studies Office
Heritage Center, Suite 306 I

Jodi Troutman
Study Abroad Advisor
International Studies Office
Heritage Center, Suite 306 I