LIFE - Undergraduate Degrees

The LIFE Program Business Degree

Prospective employers worldwide are aware of the quality and reputation of the University of Dubuque's business graduates. Our graduates are flexible business professionals, equipped to adapt, and move with confidence, in the ever-changing global environment of the twenty-first century. The clear focus of the University's curriculum is on the integration of proficiency within an academic discipline with practical skills and real-world experience.

The LIFE Program offers majors in Business Administration and the option for the development of an Individually Designed Major in consultation the LIFE Program Director.  Students who major in Business Administration can choose to concentrate either in general business administration or in a variety of specialized concentrations.

The major in Business Administration offers concentrations in the following areas:

  • General Business: concentration for students desiring a broad-based understanding of both not-for-profit or for-profit enterprises, as well as those who may wish to own their own business.
  • Human Resource Management: a concentration for students who wish to focus on the development and growth in the human side of enterprise.
  • Marketing: a concentration for students who want to focus on how goods and services are offered to consumers or other organizations who use them.
  • The Accounting major prepares students desiring to pursue accounting and/or credentialing as a Certified Public Accountant.

LIFE Program Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Administration is a degree completion program designed for health care professionals wanting to gain upward mobility, make a career change, maximize earning potential, and obtain personal fulfillment.

Eligible students must have graduated from an accredited certificate and/or associate's degree program and possess current state or national licensure or registration in their profession. 

Graduates with this degree could advance their careers by becoming advanced practitioners, hospital administrators, or marketing specialists.

LIFE Program Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice major enables students to:

  • Plan careers within the field of Criminal Justice after developing an understanding of basic principles relative to the field of Criminal Justice;
  • Build a solid base of knowledge from which to draw in the performance of their work in the field of Criminal Justice;
  • Refine their oral and written communication skills appropriate to the level of academic achievement and the Criminal Justice employment opportunities sought by them;
  • Gain a wider and deeper understanding of the society in which they will perform their duties and of the societal issues that contribute to and influence the work they will perform as Criminal Justice practitioners;
  • Gain practical experience and insight into the Criminal Justice system;