About Theology

The Theology program prepares students for Christian life and leadership in today’s world.  The major gives students a foundational understanding of the Bible, Christian theology, the history of Christianity, non-Christian thought and Christian leadership.  Christian Studies majors complete an internship with a church or agency. To provide hands-on experience. If desired, individual students can work with their advisor to shape their program to focus on youth ministry, worship leadership or another area of Christian service and leadership.  Graduates of the program have skills and knowledge for leadership in their communities and congregations. 

A Great second major: Pursuing Christian Studies as a minor or second major is an excellent way for Christian students to prepare for Christian leadership and witness in the context of a career in another field. 

Requirements for the Major in Theology

This major requires 39 credits, including the specified number of courses and credits in each of the following categories:

Required Foundational Courses (9 credits)
  • PHL 111 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHL 114 Logical Reasoning
  • REL 201 Christ and the Mind (will fulfills J-C Journey Requirement)
 Biblical Studies (3 courses, 9 credits) (No more than 3 credits at the 100 level.)
  • REL 110 Judeo Christian Journeys
  • REL 121 The Gospel of Mark (New Course)
  • REL 220 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • REL 221 Introduction to the New Testament
  • REL 353 Life and Teachings of Jesus
  • REL 354 Paul and His Theology
  • BI 402 Introduction to New Testament Greek (Seminary course)
  • BI 400 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (Seminary course)
  • BI 411 Old Testament Introduction (Seminary Course)
  • BI 450 New Testament Introduction (Seminary Course)
Ethics (1 courses, 3 credits)
  • PHL 212 Ethics and Contemporary Issues
  • REL 215 Christian Ethics (New Course)
  • PHL 216 Business Ethics
  • PHL 312 Ethical Theory
  • PHL 314 Social and Political Philosophy
History, Philosophy and Theology (2 courses, 6 credits) (No more than 3 credits at the 100 level.)
  • REL 115 Christian Beliefs
  • REL 116 History of Christianity
  • PHL 321 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHL 355 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • PHL 356 Modern and Contemporary Philosophy
  • HT 400 Early and Medieval Church History (Seminary Course)
  • HT 402 Reformation and Modern Church History (Seminary Course)
Non-Christian Thought (1 course, 3 credits)
  • REL 251 Religions of the World
  • REL 253 Islam
  • REL 255 Buddhism
  • PHL 261 World Philosophies
Mission, Leadership and Service (1 course, 3 credits)
  • MN 401 Foundations of Christian Worship
  • MN 472 Foundations of Pastoral Care
  • MN 438 Planning and Leading Short-Term Mission Trips
  • IN 481 Theology of Mission and Evangelism
  • MN 430 Discipleship and Teaching
Service and Leadership Practicum (3 credits)
  • REL 475 Service and Leadership Reflection (1 Credit)
  • REL 485 Internship in Christian Ministry (at least 2 credits)
  • REL 495 Senior Seminar (3 credits)

 At least 12 credits, in addition to Senior Seminar must be at the 300 or 400 level. Courses can be counted in more than one category.

Requirements for the Minor in Theology

The Christian Studies Minor requires at least 21 credits from any of the categories listed under the Christian Studies Major, including

  • REL201 Christ and the Mind (3 credits):
  • At least 6 credits in the category of Biblical Studies
  • At least 6 credits in the categories of Ethics or History, Philosophy and Theology
  • At least 3 credits in the category of Non-Christian Thought
  • One of the following courses:
    • REL 495 Senior Seminar (3 credits).
    • REL 485 Internship in Christian Ministry (3 credits)
    • REL 475 Ministry and Service Reflection (1 credit)