The University of Dubuque Marketing major creates exchanges between organizations and customers. It includes planning, designing, pricing, promoting, and distributing goods and services that satisfy organizational and customer needs. In both the high-level economy of the United States and the global market place, marketing has become a critical and comprehensive business function. The concept of marketing is becoming increasingly broad and important.

What You Will Learn

  • The ability to build practical, applied, and integrated learning experiences through the undergraduate programs in business and accounting.
  • These programs offer foundation coursework in business and when integrated with the University’s Core Curriculum develop personal character, high ethical standards, a world-view that investigates faith and values, and a portfolio of applied tools required to function effectively in today’s global environment.

Program of Study

A University of Dubuque degree in marketing has a strong focus on the integration of academic with practical skills and real-world experience. Business students are expected to gain on-the-job experience through internships and work with local organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits.

What Our Students Do

The University of Dubuque Marketing Program allows students the opportunity to learn how to manage time, creatively solve problems, improve productivity, and better serve customers. In addition, students develop strong written and oral communication as well as technological skills necessary to effectively compete in today’s workforce. 

Where Our Graduates Go

Below are examples of internships/full-time employment for students with a marketing major: 

Cottingham & Butler
Flexsteel Industries
Foodliner Quest Logistics
Heartland Financial
John Deere
Metro Studios
TechTronic Industries



News from the Department

Rafic Sinno, Associate Professor of Business Administration, was named to Stukent, Inc’s Top 15 Digital Marketing Professors. StuKent produces the world’s first Internet Marketing Simulator which has been adopted by over 400 institutions including UCLA, Syracuse, James Madison, BYU, Oxford University and Northeastern. Students compete in a controlled environment with their peers in an online marketing competition.

Rafic Sinno, Associate Professor of Business Administration, was selected as panelist to present “Everything I Needed to Know about Teaching Communication I Learned from My Students”. The panel presentation was selected as the State of Iowa Showcase at the Annual Convention of the Central States Communication Association (CSCA) on April 16, 2015.

Rafic Sinno, Associate Professor of Business Administration, co-presented at the International Academy of Business Disciplines in Orlando, Florida (March 25th-28th) The title of the presentation was: “A Communication Model to Enhance Student Engagement in Active Learning”.  The presentation highlighted a communication model based on the uses and gratification approach which helps teachers to better engage students in the classroom. 


Marketing – Program of Study

The Marketing major prepares students to pursue career opportunities in advertising, product/brand management, consulting, marketing research, retailing, sales management, business-to-business marketing, and supply chain management.  Marketing creates exchanges between organizations and customers. It includes planning, designing, pricing, promoting and distributing goods and services that satisfy organizational and customer needs. In both the high-level economy of the United States and the global market place, marketing has become a critical and comprehensive business function. The concept of marketing is becoming increasingly broad and important.

Year One

Fall Semester
WVS 101: World View I (3)
ENG 101: Composition and Rhetoric (3)
CIS 101/103: Introduction to Computers (3)
UDMA 112: Algebra (4) or other Math course
BAC 120: Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

Required- See advisor for course choices (credit variable)

Spring Semester
WVS 201: World View II (3)
RES 104: Research Writing (3)
COM 101: Speech Communication (3)
BIO 110: Human Biology and Lab (4) or other Science Lab Course
BAC 160: Principles of Microeconomics (3)

Year Two

Fall Semester
REL 110: Judeo-Christian Journeys (or other REL) (3)
HWS 110: Physical Activity (1)
ENG 112/260: Literature (or other ENG) (3)
BAC 241: Principles of Financial Accounting (3)
BAC 280: Principles of Marketing (3)
SOC 112: Contemporary Social Problems (or other Social Development) (3)


Spring Semester
BAC 201: Principles of Management (3)
BAC 242: Principles of Managerial Accounting (3)
ART 111: Survey of Western Art (3) or other Aesthetics B course
PRF 201: Career Development Strategies (1)
BAC Elective (3)
BAC Elective (3) 

Year Three

Fall Semester
BAC 309: Principles of Selling (3)
BAC 334: Effective Communication in Business (3)
BAC 311: Internet Marketing (3)
BIO 125: Population, Resources and Environment (3) or other Stewardship course
BAC 252: Enactus (1)
BAC Elective (3)


Spring Semester
BAC 300: Principles of Finance (3)
BAC 252: Enactus (1)
UDLS 111: Elementary Spanish I (3) or other Global Awareness B Course
BAC 308: Advertising (3)
BAC 328: International Marketing (3)
HWS 110: Physical Activity (1)

Year Four

Fall Semester
BAC 338: Marketing Research (3)
BAC 411: Social Media Marketing (3)
BAC 485: Internship in Business (3)
BAC 252: Enactus (1)
BAC Elective (3)


Spring Semester
BAC 339: Consumer Behavior (3)
BAC 408: Marketing Management: (3)
BAC 475: Administrative Policy (3)
BAC 421: Business Law (3)
BAC 252: Enactus (1)
BAC Elective (3)


Careers in Marketing

Marketing is not just an occupation, but a crucial business function. A degree in marketing helps you develop the tools you need to create an environment where your ultimate delivery goals are supported through market research, design and maintenance in every aspect of the organization to satisfy your target audience's needs. While Marketing Majors will be employed in a wide range of careers, those that work into the ranks of Marketing Managers will find themselves in high demand with a nice income. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, the mean salary of a US-based Marketing Manager was $137,400.

BBA Opportunities

The marketing degree provides an extensive range of career possibilities and is the key that unlocks the door to these various job opportunities. College graduates with business administration degrees can seek employment in the business world; local, state, and federal government; medicine and healthcare; education; construction; and a number of other industries. Alternatively, graduates can start their own companies. According to recent data from and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, business administration jobs typically pay between $41,000 and $117,000 a year. Entry level salaries often start much lower, around $30,000. Career income levels depend on the particular degree, job position, job responsibilities, past work experience, career industry, and other factors.

Post-graduate Opportunities

Top-level management positions typically require postgraduate education, usually a master’s degree. The master of business administration (MBA) degree attracts people from many other academic disciplines. MBA programs introduce graduates to accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, operations management, and other areas beyond the levels of bachelor’s degree. In addition to an MBA, high-level management jobs usually require additional industry credentials as well.

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Successful Outcomes

 Tom Rauen - 250x200px
Tom Rauen
BS & BBA, C'05

What did you learn at UD/from attending UD?

While at UD, I learned the basics of business, marketing, accounting, and other general education classes. Outside of the classroom, I learned valuable social and networking skills including building life long friendships with fellow classmates whom we do business with today. I value the relationships I built at UD more than the education itself. While the structure of the classroom prepared me to show up, be on time, and meet deadlines, I've found that once immersed in the real world of owning a business is when the real learning began. 

How did UD prepare you for your job?

While the classroom may have set a foundation, there is nothing you can read from a textbook that can prepare you for the every day challenges you face in a small business. While the basic principles of marketing, accounting, and business apply to all businesses, they are far from the adjustments and changes to the principles you have to make in a live operating business. Since graduating I've continued my education through trade show seminars, reading business specific books, and online discussion forums and blogs. 

What are you doing now?

Currently I own and operate several businesses including Envision Sports Designs, Something Unique Sportswear, Screen Print Marketing, and Blackjack Storage. Envision Sports Designs and Something Unique Sportswear are the two Screen Printing and Embroidery companies I own, they operate two separate locations employing 48 full time employees and have annual sales in excess of $5MM printing for Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and clients throughout the United States. Screen Printing Marketing is a consulting and educational company I started to share my knowledge of the screen printing industry with a focus on sales and marketing through webinars, online courses, and 1 on 1 coaching. Blackjack Storage is a real estate company both owning commercial real estate investments and doing property management.