Aircraft Sales

The University of Dubuque is selling a portion of its fleet to make room for new training aircraft.

For more information on aircraft listed here please contact Tony Foster at or Kim Bruggenwirth at 563.589.3180 or

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Socata Trinidad TB20, N1866S


Aircraft Specification Sheet  
N1866S Spec Sheet

Airframe Log
N1866S Airframe Log 1 of 2
N1866S Airframe Log 2 of 2

Airworthiness Directive Compliance Record 
N1866S AD List 

Engine Log
N1866S Engine Log 1 of 2
N1866S Engine Log 2 of 2 

Propeller Log
N1866S Propeller Log 

Weight and Balance
N1866S Weight and Balance

Cessna 172S, N5113J


Aircraft Specification Sheet  
N5113J Spec Sheet

Airframe Log
N5113J Airframe Log 1
N5113J Airframe Log 2

Engine Log
N5113J Engine Log 1  
N5113J Engine Log 2

Propeller Log
N5113J Prop Log

Avionics Log
N5113J Avionics Log

Cessna 172S, N6196P


Aircraft Specification Sheet

N6196P Spec Sheet

Airframe Log

N6196P Airframe Log 1 
N6196P Airframe Log 2

Misc Log

N6196P Misc Log 1
N6196P Misc Log 2
N6196P Misc Log 3
N6196P Misc Log 4  

Propeller Log

N6196P Prop Log

Avionics Log

N6196P Avionics Log