Academic Coaching Services

Academic Coaching Services works with students who may be struggling academically. In meeting with the Academic Success Coach, students can identify barriers that may be affecting their academic performance and work on strategies to improve. Students may work on such issues as time management and effective study skills or be referred to subject-specific tutoring as needed.

The Academic Success Coach also works closely with students who have been placed on academic probation. The following table indicates the minimum cumulative GPA needed in order to avoid being placed on academic probation:

Attempted Hours*                  Minimum Cumulative GPA
0 - 16                                       1.60
17 - 32                                     1.80
33 - 48                                     1.90
49+                                          2.00

*A student will not be penalized if one of the following applies to him/her:
  • He/she has in-progress flight courses.
  • He/she has an incomplete grade(s) that will be completed by the end of the following term.
  • He/she has completely withdrawn from the University earning all "W" grades.

Students on academic probation will meet with the Academic Success Coach to develop an individualized success plan and work together throughout the semester to develop the skills necessary to succeed. For more information regarding Academic Coaching Services, please contact Jane Boge at 563.589.3724 or